Track day at Rolls Royce

Ok, so cars were not originally planned for the Blog but as design and lifestyle is… well they are now! I just couldn’t help it, as I love them old and new and  I love nothing more than packing my bags and driving to a great hotel for the weekend, or a good old road trip. So where do you start. At the top, of course and when my good friend Twysden at Adorn asked me to come down to Rockingham and drive a few Rolls Royces around the track the reply was very quick and straight to the point "I'M IN!". Personally, I have never really looked at Rolls Royces as an option for various reasons, price, performance and size. This was all about to change and I have to say that the day was incredible and the cars are a work of art, from the finish, to the performance. Check out the video and see for yourself and for me, I'm now truly a fan and I am setting up a Rolls Royce piggy bank. My choice would be the Wraith as it just oozes class and sophistication, but also has balls and a mean grunt.