My Top Tips For A Healthy New year


Christmas is over and it's time to get yourself back in shape. It's the perfect time to get yourself in the gym and active. No one can achieve their dream physique without some hard work and good nutrition. Start off trying to do something every day for a min of 30min. No doubt there will be days when you can't as you have last minute excuses. Once you get into the rhythm, it will then start to feel odd not to do some form of daily exercise! I love to run and now use it as the perfect time to think and process ideas.


There is a huge emphasis at the moment on global warming caused by excessive farming so I like to keep my dairy intake low and red meat to once a week. A meat free day is not only good for the environment but also for your digestion. I find that Monday is the perfect day and will set you up for a healthy start to the week. I normally have a big roast dinner on Sunday, so a meat free Monday is actually something to look forward to!


The reason I wrote Juiceman was to share the way I keep my system charged when on the go. It's often impossible to get a good breakfast or dinner when you're working long hours so I am always having a green smoothie first thing or for dinner if I come home late and am too tired to cook. It's also a great and quick way to get the goodness and protein after the gym. In the book there are loads of good recovery drinks. Oh and don't forget that you can make awesome healthy cocktails. Remember to keep it out so you use it daily. 


Since you started the week with no meat and loads of veg it's a good idea to try and have a day detoxing or fasting. If this is new to you why not start by having a juice or smoothie for breakfast a light salad for lunch and then a dairy free soup for dinner. Then work your way up to 5 green juices in a day and you will feel the benefits, trust me! If possible try and keep this day a caffeine, meat and dairy free day too. These two days of low sugar and goodness will reset your sugar cravings. It's normal to feel rubbish the first time but persevere and your body will be thanking you. I have clients who struggled at first and now do seasonal 7 day juice cleanses and over the past year have lost 3 stone. The first steps are always the hardest. 


I have so many friends who take a month off alcohol which for me is a bit excessive. The rule I like to make is 4-5 days free a week. Also if I'm going to drink, I will have a Juiceman cocktail with a clean low sugar spirit such as Vodka or Gin or Red Wine. Beer and Alcho Pops will attribute to bad health.


Now's a good time to throw out all the bad stuff so you are not tempted. Here is my list of No No’s
-Processed Sugar Of All Sorts ̶̶ substitute with honey and 100% maple syrup.
-Low Fat Diet Products ̶̶ full of additives.... yuck!
-Processed Meats and Meals ̶̶- if you don't know how it was made don't eat it - snacks such as biscuits ̶̶ substitute with fruit and nuts.
-Fizzy Drinks and Sodas 

7. New Daily Products:

-Coconut Oil - I use this with everything from smoothies, on toast and for frying fish.

-Cold pressed olive oil- natural and great on salads.
-Nut Milks - so easy to make!



If you're trying to loose weight, this is a great rule. Pyramid your day with your slow release carbs such as oats and then end on a high protein dinner with leafy greens such as salmon, broccoli and spinach or a chicken salad. This way your body will not be converting carbs to sugar as you sleep and you will also sleep better without a heavy stodgy dinner. 


I try to stretch every morning and am continually stretching throughout the day. A great tool is the foam roller or trigger balls. These are really great tools for self massage. I like to keep mine in the living room so that I can use it while watching some TV in the evening. 


Without sleep you will not function or recover from your new energetic regime. Try to remove all electrical gadgets from your bedroom as these can cause poor sleep. Also treat yourself to a hot bath with salts to help soothe your aching muscles.