5 Tips For Increased Coordination and Reflexes


I personally love exercising outdoors, from hiking to climbing to playing a bit of football, and nothing beats a good run through the woods!  There’s nothing better to awaken the senses than fresh air and a great cardio workout. Just put your headphones on and pick your favourite song. I wouldn’t recommend meditation music, as this will completely defeat the object, but also be careful not to have something too crazy as you will find it hard to keep pace. Another tip for long runs is to run with a partner and chat, this keeps your pace and breathing on point for longer distances. Running in nature helps stimulate your inner caveman. Imagine you’re trying to get away from something and run! I also find it the perfect time to reflect and get perspective. There are many benefits to running on natural terrain, the uneven footing and unpredictable roots and rocks you’ll dodge will create a variety of stimuli, which your body will have to quickly react to. The more you run the route, the quicker your reflexes will get. Engage all your senses and RUN LIKE THE WIND.


It’s quite an obvious one, but most of the day we observe things without completely registering them in our minds. Take a moment and appreciate your environment. With running you must focus, imagine you’re looking for something. 

While taking a walk or riding in a car, make a point of noticing objects that pop up in your peripheral vision.


Fuel up and make sure you are getting enough protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Keep your brain and body fuelled! You can do as much exercise or training as you want, but if you aren’t supplying your body with a good balanced diet then it will hold you back tremendously, not only in trying to increase reflexes but in all aspects of progression! The perfect quick snack before a run or high intensity workout would be half a banana or a handful of blueberries with some natural yoghurt and oats (1 hr before). For more strength based workouts pre fuel with a protein and carb dense shake such as 

Perfect Pre Workout Shake


My kids love this game and first did it at a tennis camp last year. Simply blow up a balloon and off you go. Start facing each other and kick the balloon with your right foot and your opponent/partner has to do the same action without it hitting the floor. You can use all your limbs and your head. The aim of the game is not letting it touch the floor. If you are on your own time yourself to see how long you can last each session and use your whole body. It’s crazy but it works! This exercise will improve your timing, your reflexes and your…. kicking skills! Once you have mastered one balloon try it with two. I wouldn't suggest this exercise in a public place or any public gym… and don’t come after me if you have either been arrested or been removed from your gym! 


Supplements can play a huge part in helping you reach your goals and perform like a ninja in your next tennis match or football game, I would always suggest using Maca Root Powder and Cacao as natural superfood supplements before exercise. These two superfoods are known to boost your energy levels and increase mental focus!