This is one of my favourite breakfast juices which I can drink bucketfuls of. I load it up with ginger – for me it’s the more the better as it clears my head! It is quite addictive but full of vitamins, and great for aiding digestion. This is also one to keep in mind for cocktail night – I like to add a shot of tequila.


  • 2.5cm piece of fresh root ginger ( peeled)

  • ½ a pineapple (peeled and cored)

  • 2 pears (cored)




Wash all ingredients and peel where instructed. Juice them one by one in the order they are listed and serve chilled or enjoy over ice. 









Juiceman fact: 

Ginger is great for nausea. My wife was hooked on this juice when she was suffering from morning sickness.