What is OMEM Training and Why Is It Good?

The OMEM style of workout is one of my favourites by far. This style of workout can be absolutely brutal!

So what is OMEM?

OMEM is short for "on the minute, every minute". Which means you will have a minute to do all the repetitions in each exercise. If you finish before the minute ends, then this amount of time is your rest period. You start the next exercise at the start of the following minute. The OMEM style workout removes all complexity and it makes it a lot of fun! It's you against you! 

Tracking Progress

With OMEM it is much easier to track your progression from week to week! By either increasing the number of reps of the exercise for that minute (e.g. you want to complete 30 squats within 45s, leaving you with 15s rest), you can clearly see how your are improving week by week or by moving on to a harder variation of that exercise (e.g. changing your normal pushup for 10 reps to a close grip pushup for 10 reps).


Now this is what i really love about this type of workout! It is so versatile! You can make slight alterations to the workout/program to go from: Strength, Power, Skills, Explosiveness to High Intensity. You can use OMEM with weights, bodyweight, cardio... pretty much anything! This keeps the exercises FUN! Yes, working out should be fun! Now try out some of these OMEM Workouts! Let's go!

Training For Strength Using OMEM:

Use a load/variation that allows you to perform 3 reps to 5 reps. Then perform your OMEN workout, focus of form and the contraction of the muscles as you perform the exercise. Repeat for 10 to 30 minutes based on your goal, fitness level, and whatever else you have planned within that training session. Try to increase the weight you are using, add 2.5lb (1.25 kg) to 5lb (2.5kg) each week or session, or even try a harder variation of the exercise. This is what will build Strength, Progressive Overload baby! 

Training For Muscle Growth Using OMEM:

The typical rule for muscle growth (hypertrophy), is performing exercises within a repetition range of 8-12...  BUT you can also gain muscle with a repetition range of 3-5 or 12-15 or even 200! Some will be more optimum than others, Yes! But the key to building quality muscles is two things!......

1. Progressive overload of the muscles (increasing the weight/variation or number of reps week by week)

2. Being in a calorific surplus (eating more food/calories). Now OMEM your Workout!