5 Great Foods For Flawless Skin

One of the main reasons I started juice fasting and drinking daily green smoothies, was to boost my immune system and also detox my skin and digestion. I found it amazing how this led to better skin and the eliminated eczema and black circles around your eyes. I feel currently there is such a huge obsession with appearance especially in a generation of social status on media. For me, I have always lived by ‘You are what you eat’ to help stay looking and feeling good. I view food as fuel and like to eat functionally. This all sounds serious but trust me, taste is everything so the tips I'm going to give you are more about which foods or supplements to include in your diet for more radiant and healthy skin and hair.



We can use as many products and apply as many topical remedies as we want to our skin but if we do not consume the right foods and have a balanced diet then we won’t get anywhere! The body is a very complex biological machine. We need to feed it properly, not just for the normal functions that happen daily but also for the bodies biggest organ, the skin. We can’t allow ourselves to be malnourished from the powerful vitamins, minerals and other essential compounds which the body needs to build and replenish skins cells. Let’s look after it. Below I have listed 5 top ‘skin foods’ which should most definitely be incorporated into a healthy diet to give you beautiful glowing vibrant skin along with the other amazing health benefits which these foods possess. 

Oily fish (omega 3)

This is definitely number one! In today’s world many people are malnourished in Omega 3.  I cannot stress how important it is for our bodies. These essential fatty acids are essential to function properly. Everything from the brain to the skin, requires this good fat. Omega 3 increases the body’s natural production of anti-inflammatory compounds. This reduces swelling, redness and reduce irritation. All of which will visibly make your skin a lot clearer. For this very reason, if you have acne or another skin related issue the anti-inflammatory effects will reduce your symptoms. Fatty acids are natures moisturisers. Omega 3 will help to restore the skins suppleness by restoring the important fats in the skin. It is known that you can tell how much omega 3 someone consumes by feeling their skin. If dry and rough feel free to tell them they need their omega 3! ;-)

Nut Milks


I love nut milks! (cashew, almond, hemp, coconut any of them) After researching the negative effects of the widely used cow’s milk I started to incorporate dairy free Organic nuts milks into my diet a lot more! A study has shown that dairy Is highly inflammatory, and I can definitely believe it! When I consumed a lot of cow’s milk I would feel puffy and sometimes breakout! If you are a person who suffers from acne, dry skin, rashes or another skin condition, then this transition from dairy milk to nut milk may drastically improve your skin. 

That’s not all though, nut milks are also great for your skin because they are  a great source of the skin clearing mineral, Zinc. Along with anti-oxidant, vitamin E, which has been shown to project the skin from the damaging UV rays. 



This tangy little dude is a great skin food and one that should be added to your smoothie or fruit salad! With about 120% of your daily recommended collagen synthesizing vitamin C dosage in once medium sized fruit, it will help smooth fine lines and keep your skin tight and wrinkle free! Kiwis also contain a large amount of anti-oxidants which help to fight the cell damaging free radicals in the body, leaving your skin just how It should!




The king of the veggies! Kale is a nutrient powerhouse! I have used kale for years. In my salads, smoothies, juices… I even make kale crisps! Apart from being amazing for the body with the hundreds of health benefits that come from having kale in your diet. Kale also packs a serious amount of ‘skin nutrients’. Vitamin C is in abundance in Kale, this anti-oxidant helps the body produce the skin strength protein, collagen. Vitamin A is another key nutrient in this superfood. Vitamin A promotes the growth of healthy cells, including skin cells. Not getting enough Vitamin A can cause many problems to not just your body but your skins appearance, while also negatively affecting your sweat and oil glands which could lead to other issues such as breakouts and oily skin… Copper is another skin nutrient provided by kale. Copper helps the body synthesize the skin protecting the pigment, melanin. Melanin is also responsible for that beach tan and also helps the body produce collagen! Iron is another of the many skin minerals present in kale! Iron helps the oxygen transportation in the blood providing your skin cells and every other cell oxygen for respiration. All hail Kale!

Water Melon: 


Possibly the number one summer fruit, you can make watermelon ice lollies, juices, smoothies and they go pretty well in a fruit salad! This fruit is great for the skin. Watermelons are full of water (Durr!), therefore they are very hydrating! If you are bored of drinking water, try a watermelon cooler! Anyway! If you are de-hydrated even a little bit you skin may be the first to know! Leaving it dry and tight. Hydrate with a big slice of water melon. Along with helping your hair grow with the high levels of citrulline that increases the amount of the amino acid arginine which will help increase circulation to the scalp. (Wow, that was a mouthful!) Water melon also has a good amount of skin nutrients! One of these is the anti-oxidant: lycopene and also vitamin C and A. These anti-oxidants aid the body in the reduction of age causing free radicals. Good bye wrinkles! Vitamin A can also reduce pore size, therefor moderating the about of oil(sebum) your glands release as these oils can be a real nuisance, especially with acne prone skin.